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Dragon Marines History

Lacerta is the location of the Fortress Monastery “Fortress of the Dragon” home to the Dragon Marines, a Space Marine chapter steeped in uneasy tradition. Split exactly in half, the chapter maintains an air of competition between its own battle brothers bordering on hostile.

The Great Divide
The Dragon Master originally crafted the Dragon marines as a fierce fighting force. He dedicated half of his chapter to spacebourne actions and the other half to Ground actions.

Whenever marines from each side are together, competitions and challenges were often laid down by the Dragon Master to encourage his troops to strive for perfection.

Dragon Master Drake
Unfortunately the Dragon Master was lost to the warp on route back to Lacerta from a long successful campaign.
It is a strongly held belief that the Chapter master will one day burst forth from the Cadian Gate still fighting strongly on board the Dragons Marines’ Flagship “Drake Rex” an enormous battleship housing its own miniature forge.
In his absence, the two halves of the chapter have become distant from each other, the diamond dragons rarely make planetfall to Lacerta from their orbiting fortress stations.

The Diamond Dragons
Equipped entirely to deal with boarding actions aboard spaceships and drop pod assaults, the diamond dragons are a force to be reckoned with in confined spaces and lethal behind enemy lines.

Diamond Master Echon is the most senior commander, essentially the chapter master of the Diamond Dragons. With a total disdain for his Sister chapter, he leads the Diamond Dragons in an uncompromising following of the Codex Astartas comparable to the ultramarines.

The Emerald Dragons
A feral force, the Emerald Dragons have an almost symbiotic lifestyle with the lizard beasts that inhabit Lacerta, the Mandrakes. Using the Dragon-like monsters to perform mundane tasks, such as transporting goods, vehicles and troops around the planet.

It has been known for these beasts to be put to use on the battlefield. Employed in roles normally fulfilled by warhound titans, the Mandrake is a very capable siege weapon, able to withstand horrendous injury due to its thick armoured scales, aided by Imperial void shield technology.

Emerald Master Turok is the stand in chapter commander for the Emerald Dragons